Content Management

NubLogics provides different content management systems in different divisions. Their Knowledge Management (KM) team has developed an idea for better discovery of corporate assets across the various repositories.The team implements the application using the Content Repository for Java Technology to the content management (CM) systems. As the KM team finds more CM systems across the enterprise, the application can easily harvest the new data as well as that from the existing systems.

What Is A Content Management System ?

Content management system (CMS) is a Web-based solution that makes it easy for a company to manage updates internally. These update may be change in file, Web file or any thing related to that content. The content Management is used when we need to store some thing in manage form.

How the NubLogics provide the facility to Content Management

          Working with JCR Repository 2.1.1

          Use Power of java for content management

          Enhence Feature of JCR Repository

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