The Internet boom is far from over, although it has been taking a slightly different slant in the past few years; hardly surprising as technologies advance and trends change. Today the World Wide Web has become an importance source of information and the recent technological developments have re-organized the way we learn, laying the foundation for a new revolution in the Education System that will clearly take place years ahead. Typically, E-learning can be defined as instructional content or learning experiences delivered or enabled by electronic technology.

The basic philosophy of e-learning is to break through the conceptual boundaries of classroom based conventional education system. The web's graphical interface and increased options

For Internet connections, and decreasing costs of Internet-capable computers, have all played an important part in building a base of users who may engage in online learning. And the learning management is evolving significantly since the first attempts of using Internet for anywhere - anytime learning solutions using static pages. It includes learning delivered by other communications technologies. Methods include online lectures, tutorials, performance support systems, simulations, job aids, games, and more. Effective e-learning is often a blend of methods. E-learning offers opportunities to draw out learner experience and not only instructor-learner dialogue, but also peer-to-peer dialogue that can be sustained over much longer periods of time than in the traditional face-to-face classroom.

Since its inception, NubLogics has been serving this domain in an efficient manner and has developed industry-leading models. We have excelled in requirement analysis and design and provided our clients with complete solutions and support for their specific needs so that it works best in their environment. Our brand for e-Learning solutions provides a plethora of innovative and effective solutions which, among others, include Multimedia and Web enabled training solutions that manage formal, informal, offline and online learning. They have the right blend of content (instruction) and cutting-edge technologies that offer you the best benefits.

Be it a Computer Based Training (CBT - graphic presentation of training in various areas like soft skills training, product training, technical training, student education), Web Based Training (WBT - Training modules based on the Web having animation, sound tracks and voice-overs to make the training messages simpler) or Learning Management System (LMS) our e-learning solutions are tailor made to meet your specific training requirements. With special emphasis on user acceptance, we use intuitively creative interface, supported by robust back end technologies to create seamless learning experience for the learner, that is both easy to implement, and flexible to scale up with the growing needs and demands.

          Our Offerings

          Content Management system

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          Custom Interactive Modules

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Our e-learning solutions are not only scalable, inter-operable, offering seamless integration with existing applications with lower maintenance costs and high operational efficiency but also make learning interesting, interactive and fun.

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