Health Care

The Healthcare Organizations and providers have now realized the benefits of using Information Technology to enhance their business processes and automate and simplify tasks. Information technology helps in achieving high accuracy in diagnoses, improving patient care service, reducing the human errors, decreasing the processing time, and increasing the quality of service.

With more than five years of experience working on complex healthcare projects, NubLogics understands that quality, reliability and patient safety are top priorities when developing healthcare software products - especially in a distributed environment.

NubLogics's solutions for the healthcare an life sciences practice automates patient management, eliminating redundant steps and manual error-prone interaction. The application is built on an object oriented 3-tiered architecture.

Modules in Brief:


This module automates the process of appointment booking/scheduling in clinic.

EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

          This module stores all medical data related to patientís clinic visit.

          Provides analysis of all data related to patientís previous clinic visits.

          Provides the clinicians a better knowledge about the patientís health status .

          Helps clinicians to take accurate Medical decisions.


          This module is a solution for Clinic Management, Patient Scheduling, Medical Billing, Insurance Claim Processing.

          It is HIPAA Compliant.

          The capabilities of Billing Module is explained in a separate document.

The Features of Appointment Module are listed below:

          Quick Registration on phone as well as at clinic.

          Multiple scheduling views

          All Appointment insurance verification.

          Automatic and manual alert popup

          Comprehensive Data Search

          Fully automatic Document manger

          Scan and store patients documents

          Digital camera interface

          Barcode printing

          Internal Messaging system

          Internal Email facility within the system

          User friendly Database Backup and Restore

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