Retail & Distribution

Retailers are faced with dynamic operational problems every day. Rapidly changing consumer demand can cause regional or local stock-outs. Fickle consumer behavior and a wider array of product choices drive rapid shifts in distribution of products. Globalization and competition too challenge the profitability of the retail industry. Optimizing this continuously changing environment presents difficult challenges. To succeed, retailers must be agile, in order to cater to the needs of culturally and demographically diverse populations while creating a differentiated value proposition.

Using software solutions based on new technologies helps this industry to gain competitive advantage and act as a differentiators across the Industry. From Supply Chain Planning and Execution, Merchandise Planning, Logistics to Marketing, retailers are turning to IT to create systems and applications that can seamlessly create synergy and align their IT investment with their processes, operations and business objectives. The use of technology is crucial as it helps retailers to overcome the complexity of managing an incredible number of products, inventory, customers, transactions, suppliers, employees and stores on a daily basis.

At NubLogics we provide world-class industry expertise and business-aligned IT solutions that helps our Retail clients to achieve their business goals. Powered by retail expertise and being built on extensible and integrated platform, our Retail Solution helps to improve clients productivity, growth potential, increase sales, improve profitability, enhance customer retention and satisfaction and outperform competition.

Our Retail solution has been designed, developed and implemented in such a manner that it provides seamless integration of all functional areas with powerful, easy-to-use features in each of Retail Management, Financial, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Human Resource, Payroll, CRM, Production with the desired flexibility and ease of scalability to meet the diverse business requirements

Our broad spectrum of services in this segment include:

          Store Management

          Customer Relationship Management

          Supply Chain Management

          Business Intelligence

          Enterprise Management

          E-commerce Solutions

          IT Consulting

          Content Management

          Wireless Services

          Operational Support

Business Benefits of our Retail Applications

          Modular Integration of multiple functionaries to eliminate duplication of data.

          Improve Information Integrity Across the Extended Enterprise

          Improve the Customer Shopping Experience

          Inventory Reduction and increasing purchasing power

          Reducing wastage and improving overall operational efficiency

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