Real Estate

Indian and Middle East real sector has seen an unprecedented boom in the last few years. The evolution of Internet and the hefty usage of Information Technologies has now altered the way the real estate developers and investors operate and also the traditional approach being used by the consumers to buy, sell, rent, mortgage, and lease properties.

The two main forces that ignited and fueled the Real Estate Industry to catch hold of the IT solutions are market dynamics and the dramatic transformation and shift to the electronic transactions. This has led the Real Estate companies to increasingly embrace IT Solutions as a means to supplement their offline business and to efficiently carry out the processes involved including sharing of the information across various departments, tracking and monitoring inventory and transactions, integrating processes and operations, marketing and various other crucial day to day functioning required to successfully complete real estate projects.

There is truly is no better way for millions of real estate consumers to communicate with you than with a professional real estate website. The real estate information available online enables property seekers to conduct extensive research on desired properties, in an easy and convenient manner, before making a decision regarding the property.

NubLogics's expertise encompasses virtually all leading real estate enterprise resource planning, property and communications management solutions. Our suite of solutions cover:

Property Management Solutions

Property Management solutions enable the real estate agents and companies to create and maintain an extensive database for properties and real estate. Extensive query options can be built into the solution enabling property seekers to search and browse through details stored in the property database. Buyers can search on the basis of various parameters such as area, price range, description etc.

Financial Reporting and Data Modeling

Statistical and trend analysis reports such as demographics of property buyers, areas or regions preferred by buyers etc enable agents, brokers, buyers and real estate companies to study and analyze the customer behavior and trends thereby enabling them to target and offer better services to the customers. Extensive reporting modules can be developed and integrated with the solutions enabling real estate companies to generate comprehensive reports for analytical purposes.

Application Development and Customization

NubLogics helps its client to implement solutions by customizing and integrating various packages keeping in mind the business requirements and the unique nature of services offered by them.

Content Management Solutions

NubLogics aids the real estate companies in integrating a Content Management System to the solution making it easier for them to update and publish the details of the properties. Images and maps can be uploaded and attached to the property details.

Property Classifieds

Our Property Classified Application enables the property sellers, buyers, agents, brokers, etc. to reach out to the larger customer base. The application not only allows them to post and reply to the real estate classifieds and postings but also add the images to the postings thereby providing an edge over the traditional means of posting real estate classifieds. The postings and replies to the ads are stored in a database thereby making it easier to track and respond to replies.

Booking Engine

A booking engine enables property buyers to search and browse through details of properties; select the desired property and book it online. It includes an integrated secure payment gateway that facilitates and ensures safety of online transactions.

Virtual Tours

A simulation of existing location, Virtual Tours enables the buyers to get a feel of the actual property. Multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text can also be used to develop interactive virtual tours for showcased properties.

Online Tools

Various tools can be developed and integrated with the solution, to help the buyers and sellers in the process of transacting online. Some of the tools that we have developed include:

         Mortgage Calculator to compare the costs or the real interest rates between several different loans

          Rental Pricing Management

          Map Tool for Search listings

         Affordability Calculator to help a current or potential real estate owner determine how much they can afford to borrow to purchase a piece of real estate

         Open House Day Planner tool to personalize, simplify, and organize your open house plan

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